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Welcome my friends to Lilac Springs Web Design.

We offer quality, experience, dedication and professionalism. This site was born out of a honest love and newly discovered passion for homepages and the sharing of knowledge we have acquired through the years, with those wishing to build their own pages.

If you are looking for *free* graphic sets for your site, please view our WebSets section on the right. It is filled with something for every taste. If you looking for a more personal approach, or you are looking for a commercial site, please view our services, pricing and terms.

Viewing the Portafolio will let you experience first hand the quality of work we do, the diversity of our past and present projects, and the extensive HTML knowledge we possess.

Please know that Lilac Springs is family owned, and we will do *pro bono* work for sites supporting special causes, and non-profit organizations. Email me for more info and special quotes.

Thanks for stopping by and please do enjoy your stay.



Anna Castillo
aka. ~*~Mystic~*~
Webmistress/ Founder
Lilac Springs Web Design


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Redesigned Sept 9, 2001 due to site and content theft by a webdesigner who has no morals, skills or respect for anyone's work.
Thanks to everyone who supported me through this ordeal.


WebSets for Personal Use:
Please read TERMS OF USE before using ANY of Lilac Springs WebSets, to avoid copyright infrindgement and problems. ~~~~~:) Thanks! (:~~~~


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Helly Kitty Set!

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Artist's WebSet Galleries
Using the work you know and love, with written permission. NOTHING on these galleries is for sale! This is my treasured spot! There are at least *15* of each done, it's really worth the visit!! Enjoy!

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